Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Sequential Art


Watercolor experiment

"Say sumptin"


Venom inked. I this piece like over a year ago and stumbled on it while going over my hard drive and was like, "whoaaaaaaa!" Ok, yeah man! Its an amazing feeling when you look old stuff and impress your own self.

"Cross character designs"

Concept character designs I did last year.

"Spider Woman"

"Blow me a kiss"

This is a spring piece I did last year. And now with some snow melting and enduring a harsh NYC winter I am sooooo ready for some spring, except for allergies.

"Looking for solutions"

A series of illustrations based on the idea of "Looking for solutions" these pieces are based on some referenced pieces of photos I took in Newark New Jersey years ago and recently turned them into pieces. These really define the direction I have been going in my work, the honed focused inking and then the loosed out coloring. Though I still cling to a tight worked out piece of art and I am looking to loosen up a bit with the inking and for see some powerful work coming out in the near future.