Saturday, December 4, 2010

Look out!

Smash Something!

Here's a round of some big and nasty beasties. This stuff is always calls on my love of the old school arcade game, RAMPAGE! Me and brother spent hours playing this game, while my folks were bowling, we were smashing buildings and eating helicopters.

More ReDesign

Two more sketches of some x-men redesigns. Emma Frost and Jean Grey. These two have more a fashion appeal to them, both sexy and more conservative.

Wolverine ReDesign

This is a redesign of the popular wolverine character. I'm a huge fan of the character, but after reading about this character over the years I always figured he would become more ol school samurai type, like Miyamoto Musashi, simple and more close to the earth like. I hope to get painting this guy cause I really dig this look.

Sketch Monster

Some sketches and some randomness. Seriously, I draw and draw, allot. Its a awesome habit that I think about as philosophy and I treat it like a muscle. I try to get in some freestyle drawing in morning while drinking some coffee. Then get in some "thoughtful" drawing. Then the rest of the day its working on illustration, comics or painting. I always try to get in another hour of doodling before I crash. Sometimes I draw while watching the latest episode of Law and Order, and just try to sketch scenes and compositions, pause button, sketch, another criminal on the loose, pause repeat.


Some water color studies. Totally getting back into some watercolors, I love this medium for some reason it really calms me. Some people tell me they get so frustrated with watercolors cause of at the moment application, but I love it. You make a stroke and the complete unknown happens, good and bad, both always work out in the end.

Advertising work

I wanted to show some the advertising work I did for BBDO for a AT&T commercial. I was asked to work outside my usual style, which is a challenge but it was step that I jumped to with a new branch of growth as an illustrator. These comp pieces are kinda quirky and quick work. I love knocking out challenging work like this, one I have to work pretty fast and two it calls on all of my skills.

"Mary Misery"

This is a concept character for a comic book I am working on that I hope will see light in 2011, don't hold your breath though. I am stoked about this character though, aside from being very badass the story concept behind it is very interesting and I believe has tons of potential.

Calling Dr. Octagon

Illustration based on Kool Keith's Dr. Octagon album with a bit of his "Sex Style" trickled in. His work is so different and I've always wanted to illustrate some lyrics of his stuff. This is what I came up with, yes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Butcher Queen"

Character concept for possible comic book, I wrote and hopefully will draw.

"Space Girl"

A dose of sci-fi cheese with your morning alien octo monster.

"Black Wonder Woman"

Riffing off the idea of Marvel making a black Nick Fury, I thought who would I pick in the comic book world to make, black? Wonder Woman of course! My intent was stay close to the original costume and maintain a style of sexiness, but really portray power and strength.

"Amazon Headhunter"

This piece is kinda based on the whole myth of Amazons but taken to another level, Amazon Headhunters. Fun piece to create and hope to knock out some more similar to this.


Here are a few doodles floating around on the floor. Maybe I'll get around to inking coloring.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Best of Phoenix promo

Illustrations for the Best of Phoenix Promo postcard

Best of Phoenix

I did a series of illustrations for the Phoenix New Times. Super hero themed fun work. Totally enjoyed working with art director Peter Storch. Check out the link, the illustrations and great descriptions for each character. Best of Phoenix 2010: Heroes and Villains

Friday, October 8, 2010

VS Live 03: The Mark

Yo, so I participated in this comic art battle (i got 2nd place), but it was so fun! Crazy timed drawings in a bar is tough but I turned out a cool drawing and had really good time. Check out the video and the guys at

Monday, October 4, 2010

Morning Sketch

Aw here's a quick sketch of a futuristic female cop, I've been working in blue pencil allot of late and I love it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fwooshhh and i'm running like water over stone...

Some more older pieces. The midst of working on a nice load of new projects, I always like to go back and review some older pieces to get a gauge of what of I've done and where I'm going. So, far i'm stoked on my path and ready to take off burning...

Unfinished Biz...

Some more past work that was in the process...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

keeping it ruff...

Some rough sketches and concepts from past projects.
This is my favorite part of illustration getting down to the rough sketch and bringing ideas to life and the honesty of the hand. I spend the most time with the sketch because its the intention and energy that pulls the work to its final destination.