Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Butcher Queen"

Character concept for possible comic book, I wrote and hopefully will draw.

"Space Girl"

A dose of sci-fi cheese with your morning alien octo monster.

"Black Wonder Woman"

Riffing off the idea of Marvel making a black Nick Fury, I thought who would I pick in the comic book world to make, black? Wonder Woman of course! My intent was stay close to the original costume and maintain a style of sexiness, but really portray power and strength.

"Amazon Headhunter"

This piece is kinda based on the whole myth of Amazons but taken to another level, Amazon Headhunters. Fun piece to create and hope to knock out some more similar to this.


Here are a few doodles floating around on the floor. Maybe I'll get around to inking coloring.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Best of Phoenix promo

Illustrations for the Best of Phoenix Promo postcard

Best of Phoenix

I did a series of illustrations for the Phoenix New Times. Super hero themed fun work. Totally enjoyed working with art director Peter Storch. Check out the link, the illustrations and great descriptions for each character. Best of Phoenix 2010: Heroes and Villains