Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rainy day then sunny...

Some older pieces I wanted to post showing some the color explorations I've been making in my work.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sample Pages

Splash Page

Mmmm, lets see we got Spidey, Elektra, The Darkness and some unfortunate gangsters. I had way to much fun rocking out on this.

Marilyn Monroe

Old painting I did in college of Marilyn Monroe. I remember my teacher was pushing me to explore outside my palette comfort zone, with much success. I wish I still had this piece.

Mecca Sweater

I worked on this design and illustration with Nico Berry for Mecca Clothing. The work turned out awesome and I caught this guy wearing it about a year later on Flushing in Brooklyn!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dragons and Warriors

I worked on a some various Barbarian/Conan sequential pieces. Exploring different storytelling ideas and getting the best dynamic vision.


A series of Sketches from my sketchbook, some life drawing sessions from Molly Crabapples, Drawathons, and just random doodling from a giant ad across my studio.

Space Ships

I've been working with a writer who is doing a Star Trek novel and I'm redesigning a Star Trek type space ship. Its definitely something different, but super fun and challenging. I'm looking forward to what I can build from this as an artist.
Check out the story here:

Spider Man

Here is digital piece I did with my mighty Cintiq, I love working with the Cintiq. As you see the rough pencil sketch and then i worked up the spidey piece from there.

Plague Sketch

Monster concept for comic book

Drink and Draw

Drink and Draw New York,
Love rockin out with other artists
drawing devils and angels.